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8 Hour Guided Fishing Trip


8 Hour guided fishing trips run at various times. Trip details can be discussed when booking. It is suggested to start earlier in the day as it is cooler and the fish are more active making for a better fishing experience. Trips can also be set up during the early evening to help escape some of the midday heat often experienced at Elephant Butte and Caballo Lakes.

While on your guided fishing trip target species include: Walleye, Crappie, White Bass, and Catfish. 

Although these species can be caught year round, certain species are better to fish for during certain months. Your guide will do his best to target a certain species if requested, but will primarily target the species hottest during that time of year. 


1-2 people: $600.00 per person

3-5 people: $500.00 per person

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