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About T3Adventures LLC

Welcome to T3, I have been hunting and fishing my entire life and decided to make it something that I now hope to share with others.


A little about me, I am 31 years old and have been a few different places growing up from New Mexico to Alaska. Before this I was a Law Enforcement Officer for 4 years and a Boating officer for 3 years at Elephant Butte Lake State Park. Unfortunately I had to medically retire after a work related injury that I sustained in 2021. I spent my educational years earning my wildlife degree and took a special interest in fish and ducks.

The hope and goal from this is to help others learn how to enjoy the outdoors and teach them along the way how to fish. When you book a trip with me everything will be provided from the rod and reel you will need to cast out into the water all the way to the squirmy worms needed to be placed on the end of your hooks. At the very end of your trip I will also make sure your fish are processed so that you can take them home clean, ready to enjoy them or freeze them for a later date. 

***You will need to purchase a fishing license for the correct year that you booked for.

Guests should bring water, snacks, sunscreen, and bug spray as those are not provided.***

***Keep an eye out for Duck hunting trips and taxidermy opportunities to keep those long lasting memories alive. I hope to have these out and available the fall of 2023***

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